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tinatalk's picture tinatalk

I've got binders filled with recipes that I've been given or torn out of newspapers and magazines as well. But I must say it is also really convenient to have them online. I have a mac in the kitchen and it is really easy for me to put recipes I find online and keep them in an online binder like the ones at whenever I get inspired to try a new recipe I know I can find the right one on the web. If the recipe works for me, I just add it to my online binder and if I want to print it out later I know where to find it - helps me stay organized.

here is my first collection of recipes in my online binder - just click on the link and work through the tabs to see what I've collected. maybe this binder site could be useful for you too?

Sweet Pea Chef's picture Sweet Pea Chef

Thanks Tina, I will have to give this a look. I love my computer, and love the idea of having access to quick recipes too. Hmm...

KevinTran's picture KevinTran

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