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I hope it works out for him!

KayTar's basic lunch away from home is chips and a baby food veggie. Sometimes she eats, sometimes she doesn't...of course, we have the added comfort of being able to give her a tube feed when she falls short, which has made the eating stress much less intense for us.

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Will he drink some calories?

I hope that the Bento boxes work wonders this year, that L decides to eat a little at school. I have a student who won't really eat at school because of fears about germs. We've tried just about everything, it just doesn't work. I know how frustrating this can be for a parent. The two students I teach who are on the spectrum both have very rigid eating patterns, eating mostly beige foods in the salty carb. category. I applaud your efforts and providing both of your children with as much nutrition as possible.

Hang in there. I think I've said it to you before, but I'll bet when he hits puberty his body will start requiring more food and he'll start eating more. And more. And more. :0)

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Alas, he won't drink the calories--he doesn't like "thick" drinks.

I know there are others in the same boat--unfortunately, while we like L.'s school and applaud their efforts on other matters, they don't really help much when it comes to the food/lunch issue. We haven't been able to impress on them how important it is for him to eat.

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I wrote a very long comment at first, but then realized that you already know how similar our issues are. Last year for school lunch, I would usually include three snacky carbs in their own small containers, a few apple slices, a drink, and maybe a slice of cheese. Most days he'd have the drink and part of one carb. He still has a Thomas lunchbox, so when he decides he's too old for that, I may switch to the bento box instead.

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I think packing little separate containers, etc. is the way to go, mouse. I'm hoping that little by little the bento box system will encourage L. to try at least a bite or two of one or two things. He is so easily "tipped" by environment, though. Even sitting next to a kid who is eating something "gross" is enough to make him not even take a drink. Somehow he needs some major desensitization!

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Do you have the option of letting him have lunch alone? I offered that to one parent last year and we tried it. Unfortunately it didn't work out, but at least we can say we tried. I realize socialization, etc. are important too, but getting some fuel in that body would so help with his school hours and the dreaded homework dilemma after school! How about the new vitamin waters? Sobe, Snapple, Life Water etc. They are flavored waters. Can kids have those? I realize they are probably sugar-loaded but at least they'd give him a boost!

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LOL, Marti! Operation Botox would be an entirely different post!

We tried the eating lunch alone thing, Omaha. His resource team wasn't entirely behind it. When asked, L. keeps saying he WANTS to eat lunch in the cafeteria with his friends. So we felt badly cutting him off...he also wasn't eating great when we tried having him eat lunch alone.

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Thanks...I think the box has helped--not in any major ways for my son, but it's certainly been great for my daughter!