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Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

Talia, this made me teary. I'm so sorry...

A student told me a story very much like this some time ago and I remember it stayed with me for days.

Talia Rivera's picture Talia Rivera

Hey Aliki,

Thanks for the comment. It is so funny how a lot of our "Adult Rational" comes from things that happened in our childhood.

I had to tell myself... your mother is not going to take the money... she is not around. Let you son sell candy...


I love the pictures of your children's bedroom by the way...LOL

lovesoul53787's picture lovesoul53787

So in what way are you different from your mother?.... I am learning that wrong is wrong and right is right.... but persons is not wrong for not making a mistake, but wrong for not trying to fix it.... I love you... Live Laugh Love Move On.... Peace and Blessing....