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smithpac's picture smithpac

my daughter is 23 and she married a man that she lived with for 3 years... they married in august of this year.She has took on alot he has 3 kids 3,6,8 she has taken on raising all of them she has had the 3 year old since he was a year old... she is a stay home mom and has just now started doing some college work at home to get in the medical field. Her husband says he loves he but he is not in love with her and he hasn't told her that he loves her since they married. I think she is very un happy.She is afraid of being alone for the rest of her life if she leaves this man... she is a very beautiful girl has long red hair to die for beautiful red...It has also gotten hard for her to talk to him about anything. His way or no way. He has become a total [filtered word] in my eyes and at times I worry about her safety with him... She has also been there before and she knows when to leave... please help!!!

Talia Rivera's picture Talia Rivera

Wow... Your comment caught me off guard. That is a very difficult situation to be in. I don't want to give my two cents (especially not knowing the whole story) but if I had to recommend anything it would be counseling.

And if I were you I would continue to be a support to her and the children.

I hope that helps. Thanks for your comment.