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A mother’s life; arrived at from drugs, teen pregnancy, and jail, through faith and gang intervention.



mommy's picture mommy

I love this post Talia, it really makes you think about your role in life.

listen09's picture listen09

Just reading makes me think of my role and responsibilities.How do you remain so strong?

Talia Rivera's picture Talia Rivera

Hello Mommy,

Thanks for your comment. I have been thinking about my role also but I haven't applied it yet because it is work...

But all of us have a role to play in our families, life in general and the world at large - it's just finding and figuring it out...

Thanks again!

Talia Rivera's picture Talia Rivera


Thanks for the comment... You know that is a good question. My first response is God. But there are many days that I am not strong - I am weak and weary but God is what gives me strength to keep going. And also the fact that if I don't show up to work I might get fired...


Thanks again