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A mother’s life; arrived at from drugs, teen pregnancy, and jail, through faith and gang intervention.



DGethers's picture DGethers

Now that I am well approaching middle age, I do think of the future and what my condition would be like as I age. Even now forgetting things, like where did I put that...? I do remember putting it in a place where I just knew I would never forget it!!

Will I remember my four children, their names, their ages, likes, dislikes, personalities? Will I remember my loving husband and the good times we share? Will I remember my mother and how we didn't get along for so long, when I was younger, but how now we can actually hold a conversation? Will I remember my DADDY, and how I was "Daddy's little girl"? These are all memories no one would want to forget.

Will my kids take care of me? Where will I end up?


A wise young woman once said, Let's make our time now EPIC!

The bible tells us not to worry about tomorrow. Can you imagine if He takes care of the little sparrow daily, how much more he will do for us?

Laurie's picture Laurie

You are so right-"remembering is not promised." Rembering is indeed a gift. I sometimes fear losing the gift and being alone and separated forever.