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rookiecookie's picture rookiecookie

Luckily, I don't have the same problem as you. The kitchen here is wide open and has 5 attached bar stools. 3 in front of the sink, 2 in front of the stove. It is so nice to have the boys be able to sit in the kitchen and eat. And it's nice to have company while I cook.

The best advise I can think to give you is the rearrange your schedule so you can sit with them and not be in the kitchen. If nothing is going on in the kitchen, maybe that will help G sit down? Maybe get everything ready for your day in the morning when the boys aren't eating? Hopefully G will be more inclined to sit and eat if you are as well.

Last resort. Duct tape him to the chair?

Sweet Pea Chef's picture Sweet Pea Chef

I vote duct tape. :) No, you are probably right, I just need to plan ahead...and wait for the day we live in an open kitchen. We had that in DC before we moved, and I miss it. a LOT.