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Omaha Mama's picture Omaha Mama

B got a set of Am. Girl chapter books from Santa with a mini version of Kierstin. We just finished Meet Kierstin and I really liked it! I almost cried when her little friend died of cholera. And again when they finally made it to their destination. I look forward to reading them all. You are right, they are good!
Our little guy has me reading My Many Colored Days three or four times at night right now. I brought it in from B's room the other night, just for a change of pace and he loves it. It's so great when you can see a love of stories growing in your child. It makes me feel like I'm doing one thing right.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

I had prepared myself for this American Girl chapter book to be pretty bad, but just as you said--I'm really enjoying it! It's so fun to look forward to reading it each night...

And you're right about how seeing your kids enjoying books makes you feel so good inside. A friend/teacher I once knew told us long ago that she could always tell when she was in the classroom (she was a kindergarten teacher) which kids were the "one book kids" and the "five or six book kids"--meaning she could tell the difference between kids who were only read to maybe once a day or every few days at home, and the kids who had parents who read to them several times a day. I think it does make a huge difference in a young child's life.

mouse's picture mouse

Scooter went through a period recently when he didn't want to read any more than the absolute minimum required (coinciding with our rough patch). He would let me read to him a little, but didn't even want that very much. It was difficult for Trillian and me. But we backed off for a bit since he was still reading more than he realized (Lego catalogs and such) and we didn't want to turn it into a chore.

Since just before the winter break, he's back at it like crazy and offers to read to us (usually we take turns). For the first time, he's even letting us read chapter books to him at bedtime! He usually builds with Legos while I read to him, but he's definitely absorbing the story.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

L. does a ton of reading on his own, but these days it's almost exclusively visual dictionaries and catalogs and guides. I do read to him every night, but he always has to have read the book first (I think he needs to know the story so he's not worried about how it turns out). For us, reading to him is sort of a ritual in which he finds the process comforting, even if he doesn't even need to hear the chapter again!

gillie's picture gillie

Given how expensive those dolls are, I can see why those books might be a little better written. Abbey got a book with her Nellie doll when she was three, but she had no interest in it at that time and I'm not really sure where it is now. I think I might have to go find it and add it to bedtime tonight!


Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

Let me know what you do think of the books when you start to read--I don't think T. would have been much interested a year or two ago, but she's enjoying them now...