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Another fine post by you...this kind of mirrors(on a feminine side) issues and feelings I've often had myself, being now 52 and a Dad again this last 6 years.

This touched a very familiar chord indeed. We fathers have our own fears. One might think that having raised one daughter to a fine young woman, herself now twenty eight and an Assistant Director of a Montessori school, that I would be comfortable raising this son of my second marriage. One would be wrong.

Aaron, now six, has been diagnosed as having Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Much of the time he seems "normal" but there are things very different about Aaron and how his young brain is wired. Things that require a whole new, different set of parental guidelines and responses. I'm fumbling through the fog here. It helps to have friends like you, however distant and only partly known, to help bolster my trembling heart and insufficient mind in this Oh So Important endeavor.


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This post is really haunting for me - I can't quite believe that now I am the mother of a houseful of school-aged kids, that the baby days which seemed so hard, so endless are now over forever.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

I was just speaking with a friend the other day about how infinite and tiring those baby/toddler/preschool days seem and then poof! they're gone, never to come back again. I expect we think about this when it comes to every stage in our children's lives, but somehow we are so much more nostalgic about our very young children.

John--parenting a child with an ASD presents a whole set of different challenges--most of which parents just don't expect at all when they are dealing with diapers and night-waking. I know the fog you speak about--I'm right there with you!