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I can remember feeling so scared at night. I think there will be a natural progression for T, to staying asleep all night. Your gentle suggestions over time will combine with her own maturing self and she'll stop coming in to snuggle. And then you'll probably miss her! I think my niece is still doing this nightly routine with my sister, and she's six. But she definitely goes to the potty herself. Could you put a nightlight in the restroom so that she can find her way to the potty herself? Maybe if you gave her permission to do that, she'll give it a try!

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I think T. has an independent enough streak that she might well like the idea of being a REALLY big girl and going to the potty by herself. Right now it's logistically hard because she's small for her age, and actually has a lot of trouble getting onto the potty by herself. I suppose we could drag out that little potty and give that one a try at night!

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This made me feel choked up again - I well know the sudden feeling of waking to a quiet child standing forlornly beside our bed. Of course, The Baby sleeps like a little rock all night - our visitors are the older two, which is substantially less heart-rending.

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I think I will be very, very sad when the time comes and BOTH kids stay in their beds all night long. Of course L. still creeps in some nights for some reassurances, and he's almost 8!

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oh that would be so hard to refuse. my son comes in every day at about 6 am and his sweet warmth is irresistible.

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Irresistible is the right way to describe it!

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I have 2 daughters 2&5. Believe it or not, it was my husband's idea to let the kids sleep with us after they were born. My youngest still sleeps with us. I have no problem with that, I actually would have anxiety if she slept alone. My oldest is 5 & every night will wake up once sometimes twice and I am awakened by her cries. I guess she's just scared. I hop out of my bed and lay with her. Sometimes I fall asleep in her bed. I feel good knowing she finds comfort just having me near. I don't know if Ill have any more children , so I'm not rushing my youngest independently sleeping. She sleeps all night too, so I know she'd be fine. But I wouldn't, lol....

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You're so right, really--they are little only for so long, and each child develops emotionally and physically at their own pace. Happy sleeping!