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mwill0416's picture mwill0416

For the first 7+ years of our married life we didn't even have a TV. We couldn't afford one with us both being in college full time - then my wife won one at a bank giveaway.

Now our house is a spaghetti mess of power cords powering every electronic device my children can connive me into purchasing! I think they would go through withdrawals if the computer died!!!!

On a more serious note, I am sending you a link to look at. Thought your readers may be interested. I do not work for this guy or get any money in any way from him or his organization – matter of fact he’s cost me a lot in dollars, but the return in peace of mind and productivity has been well worth it. This is a mothers perspective on it:

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

When I think back to even only ten years ago, I cannot believe how reliant we have come to be on our electronic devices. In some ways I would love to purge our household of them; in other ways I see their benefits.

Thanks for the link--I will check the book/site out. I like the idea of creating an "inventory of commitments"--mine would run rather long, I'm afraid.

mouse's picture mouse

We have more computers than people in our house now, although two of them are rarely used. Scooter has my old laptop (although the screen is kind of dodgy), and Trillian and I have switched to netbooks for our personal work. We do have two desktops in the house too, although one is the old one that our media PC is meant to replace (just haven't gotten all the information off of it yet). Our goal is to pull the plug on cable soon. I actually think Scooter would be best able to function without a working computer and I'd have the most trouble.

mouse's picture mouse

Oh, and I always figure that at least Scooter is moderately active when he plays the Wii. Unlike other gaming consoles, he tends to stand and move around, regardless of the game.

Omaha Mama's picture Omaha Mama

Did you get your files and music from your old computer? We lost ours two summers ago, but were able to save what was on the hard drive and put it onto an external drive. I was so grateful that we didn't lose everything.

We have an old imac, a desktop and then our work laptops. Very soon I won't have the work one, but J got to pick what he wanted at his new job and is getting a macbook pro. Very exciting. I'm hoping he'll at least let me play with it, I think it's going to have all of the bells and whistles. Lucky guy. :0)

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

We did get our files--we paid the repair guy some money and he backed up everything onto CDs. The only thing is he didn't know what would happen with my iTunes library, which he wasn't able to copy onto a CD. I'm assuming that when I download iTunes to our new computer, it will still be able to sync my files.

I really, truly want a Mac but they are just looking too costly for us now. We'll have to continue to explore the options out there!

Mouse--I think the Wii definitely encourages motion and social interaction--we always play the Wii together, or we'll be in the room watching L. I think there is something way more solitary about the computer.