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Omaha Mama's picture Omaha Mama

I know the last thing you want for L is for people to pity him, but I do feel bad for a person who has such expectations of the world. For it's always changing, and that's really the only thing we can count on. Disappointments are so easy to come by if you want things to stay the same. I have a student in my room with similar expectations of the world and it's hard not to get frustrated with his constant comparisions. That's not how we did it last time. It's time to move on to the next activity. It isn't time for that yet...and on and on. What I've tried to teach him is that that he needs to learn to wait for the current situation's conditions and make decisions based on that. It's a hard concept for him to grasp, but we keep working on it.

mouse's picture mouse

There was a car trip we took a couple times. The second time we stopped at a particular travel station, Scooter made a beeline for the exact table we had sat at the time before. He was 3 and our previous stop there had been months before!

We're getting better with the little disappointments now, along the lines of Starbucks not having his cookies or the right type of milk--though there are still days when that's enough to drive him over the edge.

(And isn't it crazy how they can literally forget what they did that day in school, but can remember the oddest little details about a one-time trip ages ago?)

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

You are so right, Mouse! I could not get over the level of details L. remembered about that hotel, and our last trip. When we do the drive from NC to MD we stop at the same pizza place and end up sitting in the same booth. I understand the comfort in the sameness, but I do hope we can work passed it all and make it manageable.

You know, Omaha, I know a few adults who have the same difficulty and it *is* hard for them--this is why I hope things will become easier for L. as he grows older.