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mouse's picture mouse

I've made two different crockpot dressing recipes now, both from the site I've sent you before. The one I made last year ( is easier since you just start with bread and throw all the ingredients together. I don't think I used the apple. The one I made for this year and have already sampled ( requires making some cornbread first, so it takes more work, but I really like cornbread dressing. I think that I added extra liquid to both recipes, but a lot of that is personal preference.

(Aside: my southern in-laws are very insistent on the distinction between stuffing and dressing. Stuffing is cooked inside the bird, dressing is cooked as a casserole. A nice thing about dressing, aside from the whole avoidance of salmonella thing, is that you end up with more texture contrast since the parts along the edges and on top brown up nicely.)

gillie's picture gillie

I find it odd that folks don't grok there's more to Thanksgiving than just a turkey. When I was a kid, I *hated* turkey and ate everything else. My kids do the same.

What kind of dressing are you hankering for? I do make my traditional savory one with vegetable stock so it's meatless by nature. It's just celery, onions, leeks, an insane amount of melted butter, dried bread cubes, veg stock to moisten, a ton of black pepper, and fresh chopped parsley if I have any about. I sautee the veg in the obscene amount of butter then pour everything over the bread crumbs, mix loosely, then add enough stock so it's wet but not soggy. Then I bake it until it's nice and browned on the top.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

Sorry I couldn't reply to either of your comments--I was locked out of the FE site for a few days!

I ended up making an incredible artichoke dressing--it was so delicious. I'll try and post the recipe this week--maybe on Friday. I like cornbread dressing, too, Mouse--I'm always reluctant to do the extra work and make the cornbread first, though.