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Well if you ask me, your summer sounds like it was better than Europe. Family memories are far more precious than vacation memories (and certainly cheaper than Europe)!

I work full-time but my company participants in summer hours where we work longer days and have a shorter day on Friday. We also get to work from home on Fridays. It's a true blessing because during the downtime I can do my chores. This is the last week for summer hours and I'm dreading going back to normal hours. Now I will lose some of my quality "S. time" to doing chores.

And if I ask myself, "how do I feel when I walk to my building?" Happy and very blessed to work in my department. Everyone in my department puts family first. It's hard to find a job that does that. In my previous position (same company), my boss suggested I switch to part-time so that I could balance work and family. He wasn't the nicest of people and I HATED my job then. I jumped on the chance to transfer to another job and luckily I scored my current job. Now I love coming to work (even with a 3 hour commute each day--*perfect homework time*).

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I understand just what you mean. My summers "off" are often more difficult than the school year in some ways. I have child care to help out during the school year and then come summer, it's all me! Of course I wouldn't have it any other way.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

I think that when employers learn that happy individuals/families make for happy, productive employees, they are more that willing to help employees achieve a balance. Thank goodness for family-friendly work places!