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Omaha Mama's picture Omaha Mama

I feel the same way! We don't put up Christmas decorations until after we've celebrated Thanksgiving. I feel strongly about celebrating the entire Advent season and the decorating and preparations are all a part of that.
Even though I'm trying to plan ahead with gifts and baking this year, we won't gear up for the holiday until we give Thanksgiving the appropriate amount of hoopla. :-)

mouse's picture mouse

My understanding of the retail side of things this year is that since people are buying less at a time, they'll catch them early and get customers to buy small amounts for a longer period. Not that I'm happy with the development, but this is supposedly yet another result of the recession. What amazed me this year was the amount of Christmas stuff squeezing out Halloween at many places I went.

Your post and a couple others in my reader have reminded me that I need to get on the ingredients for gluten-free stuffing and figure out another side dish for myself. When I was a vegetarian at Thanksgiving, I used to love stuffed squash, and my aunt made a wonderful dish that was tofu triangles with wild rice stuffing.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

Even growing up, my favorite parts of the Thanksgiving dinner were all the side dishes! So a vegetarian Thanksgiving is the perfect time to go crazy with all those delicious sides...I'll be putting up some of my favorite recipes next week.

We'll be putting up our decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving, but I've been trying very hard to keep the kids focused on Thanksgiving, and the spirit of the holiday.