Sweet Pea Chef

A foodie mommy shares tips, tricks and stories from her kitchen as she seeks out more healthful and interesting meals.



Omaha Mama's picture Omaha Mama

I love love love rice. I'm definitely going to have to check these out!

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

They are so fun to make! And if you really love rice, you'll appreciate the taste and texture of sushi rice.

Hetha's picture Hetha

Will you please make *me* a bento box?!!
So happy that T is open and interested in all those healthy foods. Way to go T!

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

I'll pack you a bento anytime...;)

I'm just so thankful that T. enjoys trying new things--I"m not sure what I'd do if I had two kids with eating issues!