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Omaha Mama's picture Omaha Mama

This sounds WONDERFUL. Just my kind of food. I love anything with cheese and if it includes dipping or spreading...I'm in. ;0) I am hoping that it won't take years for me to get used to where we live now, but I was remembering this weekend that when we moved to Omaha from Lincoln five years ago that I had this same feeling. That each time I've moved, I miss where I came from. And that in time I come to see the good in where I am and it starts to feel like home. I'm just holding out hope that it won't take too long!

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

I'm already thinking about my pimento cheese sandwich waiting for me in my office fridge!

Maybe it just takes me a long time to get acclimitized to places; but it's been extra difficult to process the "culture shock" here!

mouse's picture mouse

Something I find funny is that moving makes me miss not necessarily the place I have just left, but two particular places I have lived.

My mother-in-law makes a cheese dip similar to, but not exactly, like this. I don't remember what all is in it. At first I didn't expect to like it, but it's addictive!

Host Marti's picture Host Marti

I have lived in NC most of my life, although I was born in the deep south (you think the summer climate here is something, go to Alabama in the summer, whew)

I grew up eating pimento cheese every way possible. I love it on triscuits and in a sandwich. And it is awesome on celery!!

I will try your recipe. Harris Teeter here makes a great pimento cheese with a pepper jack cheese. They make it at the store so it is much fresher than the other prepackaged ones.


Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

I didn't expect to like pimento cheese either, Mouse, but you're right--so addictive!

I've tried Harris Teeter's pimento cheese--it's good! I haven't tried it with celery yet, but I can just picture how delicious that would be. I like to dip carrots into it--same satisfying crunch combined with the creamy cheese...