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Wow, this post hit me with a thud. First of all, I love how it read like a story. Well done.
But - I've been avoiding the fact that when school starts this year, it will be without me. Yes, I can participate at B's grade school and at M's preschool. But my high school here, with the 9 seniors (out of a class of 14!) that I'd had since 9th grade. My classsroom. My desk. My plans. My planner.
It's even the time of year when I usually post my end of summer thoughts at my blog.
I hadn't really thought through how much I'm going to miss going back as a teacher. It's hard not to feel a little sad about that! The craziness is we have two more weeks here, two weeks in our new town...and then we are back to school. Back at it in a new place, in a new life.

And now my comment has turned into a post of its own! Guess I should head over to my blog and jot some of that down. It's just hard to even find the words about it these days.

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But there are so many exciting things in store for you and your family, Omaha...I know what you mean, though. I felt that way when we first moved here and Scott was getting ready for his new teaching job and for the first time ever I wasn't getting ready for anything--well I was getting ready to spend the year at home with L.--which I was happy about, but it still felt strange and sad.

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Scooter has told us that he's "school-sick." We've been looking at the calendar we put up for the summer and are starting the countdown.

About half of Scooter's weeks this summer have included camp, as he seems to do better with some sort of structure, and I just didn't have the energy to be the one providing it this year. He has thoroughly enjoyed them, but I know he's looking forward to an even greater sense of routine that the school year will bring.

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"School sick"! I love that...I wish L. would try camps--he desperately needs the structure, but he won't even consider camps.