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mouse's picture mouse

This is beautiful. And now you have some part of that letter written down for her.

Happy 6th Birthday, T!

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

Thanks so much, Mouse--I'll pass the birthday wishes along!

Omaha Mama's picture Omaha Mama

Well now you've made me cry, right here on my lunch break! :-) What a beautiful tribute, a beautiful letter to your T. Happy Birthday T!!!

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

Thanks, Omaha--I was all teary writing it. That one was a long time brewing inside of me, and it felt good to get it onto paper!

Lilianpw's picture Lilianpw

Awww... I'm a little late, but not *too* late to wish T a very happy birthday!! I hope we can meet her this year. Oh, and tell her that her "virtual friend" Linton will catch up to her (age-wise) in 4 months! I think they'd be good friends if we met "in real life."

What a beautiful post! And what a wonderful, marvelous gift, this girl of yours!

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

Thanks so much! I hope we can make it happen this year, Lilian.