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It's a cute idea, but I think you're right. Or maybe your elf was just giving you the creeps. Elves can be a little creepy. :-) We've told our kids that we have Santa's phone number and can absolutely call him. I don't really even like the idea of them thinking that Santa magically knows what they're up to. We are Christians, and I guess I don't want them mixing up Santa with God, ya know? So we just use it in a way that works for us. Santa doesn't bring gifts if he knows a child has misbehaved too much, but he's knows this because the parents give him a call.

The too-friendly thing? Totally my B. We had to work in preschool when she was 3 on not KISSING everybody. Then last year it was weaning the knockdown hugs. This year it's the habit of hugging everyone, whether they want it or not. Teaching the nuances of social skills to an overly social child is an interesting thing. I don't want to squash her bright spirit, but also don't want her invading people's personal space. It's a fine line.

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T. will hug her friends and her brother and NEVER let go, knocking them to the ground. She knows she shouldn't do this, but she can't seem to help herself!

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I can completely see how it could be fun--especially with an older child, I think. Could be a good way to rein in a teen!