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My dollhouse wasn't Lundby, it was Fisher Price. But I loved playing with it and have kept it. It fell to pieces in the move, which made me really sad. The kids have the furniture in a different house right now. My house is waiting for me to get motivated to clean it up and put it back together. A project for a different day. I really enjoyed the pictures of your dollhouse, it is just lovely.

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There's something about a dollhouse that satisfies the voyeuristic tendencies in me--like how I love to walk or drive by lighted houses at night and see the rooms inside, and catch a glimpse of how people live!

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Decluttering has been on my mind too, but it's been very slow going. We're drowning in papers especially, but also trying to figure out how we're going to handle Scooter's toys now that Thumper is about to be mobile.

Love L.'s photos of the dollhouse!

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Oh yes, I remember how difficult it was to manage L.'s Playmobil and Legos once T. began to crawl and walk. Luckily for us she was late at those milestones (she didn't walk until 16 months!) so that gave us plenty of time to get things put away. I was relieved she wasn't an early crawler/walker like L. But from the sound of your updates, it seems Thumper will be fully mobile before too long!

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Here I go again... my standard comment thinking of the daughter I didn't have & won't have. Oh well. In the absence of the doll house I help my boys with their train tracks.

That's a fancy dollhouse you have there! I'd love to see some color photos sometime... I had to go to google to see some more Lundby dollhouses, Sweedish, right? Really nice too.

(my comment was deemed too long, I'll put the second part in another one).

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Part 2:
I had a doll "apartment" in one of the shelves of the big and deep hardwood bookshelf my parents had made for our bedroom (I shared a bedroom with my brother until I was 10 or 11). I made most of the furniture myself gluing discarded pieces of wood from the carpentry shop at the end of our street. The dolls were just cheap dolls, but the highlight of the apartment were these tiny appliances that my (rich) uncle had given me for Christmas one time. there were six of them, I think, blender, mixer, coffee maker, & don't remember which other ones. They had a wound up button and "worked" when we wound it up. Sigh. OK, that was a nice trip down my own memory lane. thanks for sharing!

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I know I replied to this comment must have disappeared!

What I had written was that one of the things I love about my Lundby dollhouse is that because it was mine when I was a child, L. also likes to "play" with it--somehow the fact that it's a relic from my past makes him feel "safe' being interested in it as well.