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Omaha Mama's picture Omaha Mama

I'll still be stopping by daily, it's part of my work week lunch routine! I consider it educational, rather than recreational. ;-) I'm not giving up Prof. Mom for Lent.

So my mother-in-law said that stuff. A lot of it. She made me feel really nervous, and we were even at a large group family event. You ARE? She asked last Christmas when I said that yes, we were sending B to kindergarten in the fall. Now that she's reading and writing above grade level and is in loooooove with school, I know we were right all along. But it's no fun when people have you second-guessing yourself.

Maybe you haven't considered holding T back another year because she's continued making growth in preschool and you've followed the natural progression that people do. She's ready for kindergarten. She won't be the only tiny one. She's surely used to it and has made up for it with big personality! She'll be fine. You and Scott's decision is the only one that matters.

She'll turn 18 before she graduates high school (I can't say the same for my B, who won't until the summer after). You'll wonder how you even doubted that she'd be fine.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

I thought about you Omaha when I wrestled with the comment about T.'s readiness. I *know* my T. is so ready for k-garten, the problem is we thought we knew L. was--with that same gut-feeling of it we have about T. Now we did have concerns about him socially and emotionally, but we were convinced that academically he was ready. Of course he turned out to be not so ready academically, but his situation is complicated.

I'm SO glad you're not giving me up for Lent! I love seeing you here every day--it's so wonderful.

Sweet Pea Chef's picture Sweet Pea Chef

Your picture is beautiful!

We're weighing our registration options for kindergarten this week too...decisions, decisions.

uscjen98's picture uscjen98

I realize I am a year late to this post, but if you happen to see it, I would like to know what you ended up doing. We are in a similar situation. My daughter is a going to be 5 in September. We had intended for her to enter kindergarten in the fall. From our perspective she is VERY ready. She is beginning to read, she is very social, has no problem separating from us, and is bored at preschool and wants to learn more. (Her own words to us.)The only she has no interest in is writing - she hates practicing it and her writing is terrible. However, we applied to three private schools. Our top choice waitlisted her, our second choice rejected her application, and our third choice wants her to go to their pre-k program. I was shocked. My mother is a first grade teacher and she was shocked. Now I'm completely torn apart about what to do. Do we need to keep her in pre-k for another year? I want her to succeed, but keeping her back a year already seems drastic.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

Thanks for your comment! We ended up sending our T. to kindergarten. She's halfway through now and loving it. I think the biggest problem for her/us is that she is small for her age, and so many of her classmates seem older/larger than she is. I suppose if we had kept her back she would have started kindergarten being physically more caught up, but still, in many ways she was more than ready. I think a big issue is that so many kids are starting kindergarten a year late, and this "skews" everything, so that many kids who would be fine going the year they are five just seem less ready to parents and teachers.

I would say if your daughter seems ready (and she seems ready to me from what you have said) then go ahead and send her. But in the end, you know your daughter best! Go with your heart/gut, and don't worry about schools and teachers who might not have the perspective you have. Good luck!