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twilightrain's picture twilightrain

How true is this advice! I spent the better part of 9 years trying to get my son to "grow up". Rushing him to say his first words, walk, read, write, have his own opinions. I got what I wanted only now, we seem to be our solar system apart from each other. My current challenge is finding ways to reconnect with him. Seriously, don't rush it! With my daughter, I am the exact opposite. We'll see how she is at 10! :o)

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

Thanks for helping pass the advice baton--you are so right, I suspect! I rushed my own son a little--anxious for him to reach those milestones. I think that's why I'm savoring my daughter a little more, because I am so conscious of how quickly they do grow up.

I hope you find ways to reconnect with your son--I'm sure you will...