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The Chatterbox

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Omaha Mama's picture Omaha Mama

Sibling bonds are an interesting study, aren't they? My Brenna is forever frustrated with her brother, who "ruins everything". And at two, he really does. We try to balance her need to be kind with her right to have some space and time to do the things she wants without her brother destroying it. It is a tricky balance, that's for sure.
There is love, then there is a general dislike.
I can remember feeling the same way about my own brother and sister.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

I agree Omaha--I can remember feeling the same way with my own brother and sister. Sometimes, too, even though we're grown, those same old patterns and rivalries rear their heads!

goodlove2000's picture goodlove2000

I’m a very humble woman. I understand that there’s a time to give and be loving and understanding. I also believe in standing up for what I believe and not being walked on. I’m always there for my friends and loved ones. I don’t run from adversity. I care what people think of me because I believe in being the best woman I can be. I want people who come across me to think “hey what a cool lady”. It’s not about attention for me. It’s about the importance of ones own honor and respect for those around her.