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mouse's picture mouse

After my grandmother passed away, one of my aunts was appointed family historian. Her big task has been to maintain all the information we have for our family tree, but she also went through all of the papers in general and then sent things to the person she thought would most appreciate them. As a result, I got a packet that included letters I had written to my grandparents, newspaper clippings of some of my achievements, and copies of the letters my grandmother wrote in support of same-sex marriage. It was like getting a time capsule, and I'm so glad she kept all of that.

Now I need to go write some letters!

Lilianpw's picture Lilianpw

That's why I still keep a paper and pen journal. The blog is great, but someday it may just disappear into the void, but the notebooks will stay. Maybe nobody will ever read them in the future when I'm gone, but they are still precious to me and can take me back in time whenever I want.

As for the letters, I think you're right. I actually printed out all emails from my first year of emailing and I have many saved in my computer's hard-drive. It would be nice to still send and receive letters, though.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

I used to LOVE getting letters. My sister would write the best letters, all decorated with stickers or little drawings. I still have many of these. I remember too how wonderful it was to get letters from Scott, when we were apart, and I'm thankful we didn't just have e-mails back and forth.