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MommaT's picture MommaT

That cake looks very yummy. I'm sure I'll need it after a trip to the grocery store today. I need groceries and, more importantly, need to stock up for the hurricane coming our way. Before the last storm we got, everyone went nuts and everything was sold out--even the ATM machines were empty. I'm hoping to beat the crowds today. Bla. I'm not looking forward to it.

PS: Do you happen to have a recipe for spring rolls? Or dumpings/potstickers? Since you do a lot of asian cooking, I'm hoping you have something yummy to share.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

Did you read my post some time ago about making egg rolls? I do have a recipe for fresh spring rolls and my sister-in-law makes some mean dumplings--let me do some research this weekend and I'll dig up my spring rolls recipe and send it your way--if I don't write a column about it, leave me your e-mail addy if you don't mind and I'll send you a message.

Good luck--stay safe.

Mary-LUE's picture Mary-LUE

I am soooooo going to make this cake. I actually have a cake pan for my crock pot and I use it to make a scrumptious banana bread. My daughter is going to flip out over it.

Good for you for stopping to listen to the pink guitar carrying music lady! You were right. Every thing could wait.

Have fun in Maryland!

MommaT's picture MommaT

I did see that post--I totally didn't think about frying the rolls, but that would be yummy! I was thinking steamed--I guess their steamed, right? HA! Yeah, I'm not too adventurous when it comes to cooking. But I'm trying. I recently bought a bottle of General Tso sauce--figured we should do more stir-fry around the house. We love the sauce; of course, S. won't touch it because it's not a corndog.

My trip to the store was very good, not too many people and tons of stuff. AND, I saved $22 with my Kroger card and coupons. YAY! I did buy the stuff to make the yummy "bad day cake" so we'll try that for our family fun day. We adapted your family dinner night to just a fun day where we make something (food or craft). Last week's family fun day was Shaving Cream Art. Totally fun and super cheap!

Here are the instructions and a couple of pics, in case anyone wants to try it.

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Put shaving cream on a plate and add a few drops of food coloring. Swirl it around to make a design. Tip: Don't swirl too much because it will blend.

Press a piece of paper onto the cream and pull it back off. Then remove the excess cream (we used a spachula)*note, I'm a horrible speller, sorry*. The paper will have a cool design, and just let it dry for a few minutes and then you can decorate it (with rubber stamps, stickers, picture, etc).

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Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

We made it in one piece, Woodrow Wilson Bridge traffic and all...

Mary-lue--let me know how the cake worked out--I don't think you'll be disappointed!

Great shaving cream art project, MommaT.! Thanks for the photos...stay dry and safe this weekend--glad you were able to get some supplies.

Omaha Mama's picture Omaha Mama

Cake in the crock pot, that's so cool! A friend makes this amazing molten chocolate fudgey-type crock pot and I'm suddenly craving warm baked goods thinking about it!

I hope that your trip is wonderful and a three-day weekend cures everyone's nerves. Overstimulation seems to be going around. I ended my day in a puddle of tears 30 seconds after all of my students were gone. I'd been holding them in since about Tuesday.

Cheers for a wonderful weekend.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

I'm sorry Omaha--hope the long weekend brings you some rest. Maybe there was something in the air last week!

jcandy's picture jcandy

Sounds delish! I really like the style of this cake. These were really good and incredibly fast and easy to make! I served at a dinner party and it was the hit of the night. I love all the design it is so artistic. This is making me hungry! I've been eating lots of cake and baking and all sorts of fun stuff. Most beautiful and yummy days of my life and recipe is too good and love to make it again and again. Lovely site here and like the recipes too. Thanks for sharing.
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