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Omaha Mama's picture Omaha Mama

All great suggestions! You touch on a topic here that I was considering a post on today (when you mentioned another girl talking to you about her conflicts and you not knowing what to say). A friend of B's was a little bit rude to her this morning, grumpy because she was waiting for her dad to bring a forgotten backpack. I said to her (she's a family friend, we've been doing playdates for about a year) "Don't be crabby with B just because you've had a bad morning." As I walked out, I questioned whether I'd crossed a boundary. Luckily she's five, and will have forgotten it all by this afternoon. But I do think adults have a role to play in the behavior they see in children. It's certainly the teacher in me.
I'm just surprised by kids' behavior recently. The lack of boundaries, respect for others, compassion. I think the things you've written here are a great start. Unfortunately, parents who aren't doing these things are probably also not reading Family Education daily either!

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

I wrote a post months and months ago about how it takes a ville to raise a child. No one likes a busybody, but when you know the child I do think it's really okay to step in and redirect a child's misbehavior. I too am shocked at the lack of compassion I'm seeing in younger and younger kids these days.

lrbizeebee's picture lrbizeebee

I too agree that it takes a village to raise a child. Ultimately though, the responsibility lies on the parents. However, with so many negative forces around, everyone needs to do their part in making sure our young children are surrounded by positive values.

This is why my mom and I started a company called Bing Note, Bing Note's goal is to help parents, teachers, and the community inspire young children to believe in themselves and to keep trying, ultimately building their self-esteem. To do this, we work with a team of experienced, award-winning teachers who have come together to develop products that build self-confidence in young children. These products are presented in fun learning formats, including music, videos, a picture book, activity sheets, and our newest product, LunchBox Notes.

We believe that TOGETHER, we can build self-esteem, one child at a time. So check us out at

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