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Omaha Mama's picture Omaha Mama

Our summer vacation starts one week earlier...on June 5th. Except that this year there will be no planning for the next. No meetings. No shopping. It's strange, I didn't know my feelings about it would be so mixed! What I am looking forward to is taking advantage of our time left in Omaha, I'm going to drag the kids to all sorts of stuff we've never taken the time to do. Now that M's four, I think we'll be able to explore the city and take some day trips. And stay out of our house so it stays clean for showings! :0)

mouse's picture mouse

I'm also not aware of any schools nowadays that get the full three months of summer off. Scooter's in his last week right now, but he goes back mid-August, teachers a week earlier. And then most teachers I know spend at least a little time before that working on syllabi, etc.

I do feel very lucky, however, to be able to slow down in the summer and am looking forward to being on the same basic schedule as my kids.

mwill0416's picture mwill0416

This was a great post - thank you for sharing.

What is it about grandparents that is so endearing? I see this with my own kids towards my parents - maybe because our kids don't carry as much baggage in that relationship they are freer to love and be loved. I know my grandparents were the only people who I felt really cared about me, they were always glad to see me and never embarrassed by what I might say or do - that kind of unconditonal love is hard to find in this world. Like you I miss them.

JohnROSS's picture JohnROSS

That was just swell. For some reason I am reminded of Ray Bradbury's IN WATERMELON SUGAR, one of my favorite "period pieces".

It is so enjoyable to read a blog post that is obviously a true-life slice and at the same time, a well crafted piece of writing.

I know, it's what you do, but still...very nice.


Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

I think it could be a great summer for you, Omaha--especially if you are going to use the time to explore all the sights of Omaha! I know it will be a summer of uncertainty and some stress for you, but I hope there will be lots of enjoyable moments in between.

I'm looking forward to the change of pace, too--for me, that's one of the best parts of summer.

I think you're right mwill0416--there is something liberating about a child's relationship with his/grandparents--a love that exists on a different level; there is an unconditional, gentle aspect to it that I think kids need so badly.

John--thanks so much for your kind words about my post! They mean a lot to me...