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BerryBird's picture BerryBird

Even though I don't have kids, I am conflicted on this issue as well. I have friends with a kindergartener who are very frustrated because of this issue. Their son A. has a November birthday, but their pre-school teachers advised them to start him at the old normal time, when he was still four--he is very bright, and like L., was bored in pre-school. Academically, kindergarten has been a breeze for him, but socially it has been hard. Apparently the red-shirting is very, very common here, and virtually every kid in the class is nearly two years older than A., a big difference at that age. My friends have reluctantly made the decision to have A. repeat kindergarten, but I think they feel a little betrayed by the advice they were given. A. is their first, and they've already declared their intentions to red-shirt their younger son. They just don't feel they have a choice.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

Yes--this is exactly what I meant about the practice of red-shirting "skewing" the classroom dynamics. It's a very common practice here, especially with boys. More and more classrooms have kids in there who are one or two years older than the average kindergartener and this is changing the dynamics of the classroom.