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I had grand plans for construction paper Valentines with Scooter, but ended up buying some of the licensed character cards after I realized what I had planned would cost more and probably require more patience than I could get from Scooter. As it was, we had to split signing the cards into 3 separate sessions. Maybe in a year or two we can get a little crafty.

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Remember, this is the first year we managed to do something crafty--every year it's been character cards.

I was so proud of L. this year. He made additional cards on all his own--he found photos of limousines on the internet, reduced them on the computer, and printed out one for each kid in his class!

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Those are great! You've reminded me that I've got to buy some conversation hearts tomorrow before the blizzard hits. I've bought NO candy yet this year, for shame.

I bought white cards and we are going to put puffy glitter heart foamie stickers on them to mail to family. For school (30+ for one (she added in a ton of staff), 14 for the other) we went the store-bought non-crafty route. Tinkerbell and Kung Fu Panda, to be specific. The big hit this seems to have been the dinosaur holograms ones, which I hadn't even seen when we got them at the evil big box store that we love and hate.

Hey ~ Happy Valentine's Day! (A little early...)

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Oh--and you actually got Scooter to sign them, which is fantastic! L. didn't write names on his, and I had to do the ones for T. So I think when you're helping a child sign his/her own cards it's probably easiest to keep things simple.

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I just saw your comment now, Omaha--sorry! (And you know we have a healthy love/hate relationship with evil mega store, too!)

Hope your Valentine's Day was fantastic!