The Chatterbox

The Chatterbox

by Guest Blogger Beth Werrell for Connections Education



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My 6 year old daughter and i sat down one day and wrote a song together on no matter what happends to her.THAT WHEN SHES FEELING SAD AT SCHOOL TO REMEMBER WE LOVE HER!...THIS SONG IS ALSO FOR THE CHILDREN WHO HAVE PASSED AWAY FROM BULLY ISSUES AT SCHOOL..these are her words,i came up with the lyrics..when you go to sleep at night,when you close your eyes.I want you to think of me and wake up in the morning!And i will give you a hug and that is my surprise,because we love you and can't always be near to be by your side and feel your fears.Just remember that no matter what happends to you.We are thinking of you and care,with all our love to you..My little girl has a good heart and i love her for it! She is a part of me,reflection of me when either im gone or her.

lunchbox's picture lunchbox can reply to us about our song.No matter what happends to you!Thanks to all that reply.