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We just got back from our whirlwind trip too--just slightly longer than a weekend, but we didn't get back until 7pm last night. Luckily E. still had a good day at school, but A. and I are exhausted!

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We just call it "gluten" in Brazil -- this gluten based vegan meat-substitute and my mom always makes it from scratch (I know how to do it with regular flour, washing the starch away for a long time until all you get is the gluey part), but... I never really cared for it much. Unless it's breaded and fried, or seasoned really well. It has to be cooked with TONS and TONS of seasonings so it gets only a very mild flavor.

I've learned new recipes that use soy flour and other spices and in which the mixture is cooked wrapped in parchment and aluminum foil to keep the flavor in and that helps. I have to find the links to those recipes for you.

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(I should have written -- "I know how to make it from scratch with regular flour" -- using "make" instead of "do")

Oh, and I had to laugh at that photo because that's EXACTLY how "gluten" or seitan looks like when boiled. We usually use nuts or soy sauce to get it to be darker (nuts work better). Oh, and one has to really know how to shape them and cut them up so they're just the right kind of chewy. I DEFINITELY don't know how to do it and mine always look like yours. ;-) just I make small pieces of it.

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Actually, I didn't use white beans, I mixed his recipe with two other ones I had. Gotta type it all up and email it to you if you're interested.

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Thanks for the link, Lilian! I really like seitan when I use the West Soty brand--the texture isn't at all rubbery and it takes on the flavor of the stir-fry sauces just right. But honestly, the flavor of the gluten last night wasn't so much the problem as the texture--completely unappetizing!

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I don't know why moms do that...have to make the comments LOUD so that they are also chastizing the other parent? It's not like L was having a cigarette or something! I've been in that spot before, where another kid is doing something I don't want mine to do, usually because of an age difference. It's just as easy to pull my kid aside and give them a quite cue. And if that doesn't work out, then just go. I don't understand people's issue with the need to put others down. It irks me.

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I know--I've been at the opposite end, too, and I'll just quietly talk to my child. But being loud and putting down another parent? Definitely not good.