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Omaha Mama's picture Omaha Mama

Valentine's Day! We've already talked about it. I'm sure we'll be making paper hearts before the week is through.
It honestly does seem like you just did your post about decorating. This went REALLY fast!
The kids are off to daycare today, a day for errands and cleaning and more errands. Tomorrow it's getting ready for students, we are back at it full time on Wednesday. Which means a 5:30 wake up call from my alarm. We are supposed to get 5-7" of snow that day and a high of -1. I had forgotten how much I love the daily grind in the freezing winter! Yikes.

Good luck and have a FANTASTIC week!

mouse's picture mouse

Scooter did a good impression of an infant last night, waking up three different times and ending up in our bed. He told me this morning that he wishes winter vacation could go on forever. We're just jumping back into the fray and I'm hoping things will sort themselves out in a week or so.

I still have some de-Christmasing to do, though none of it has bothered Scooter, other than taking down the Lego decoration we got this year.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

Thanks, Omaha--we weathered Day 1 okay, although it will be a whole different ballgame when L. goes back tomorrow...

Sometimes just jumping back into the fray is all you can do!