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mouse's picture mouse

My parents followed more of an equal amount philosophy, though by the time we were each old enough to notice, the concept was explained to us. I still counted, but actually getting x and y from my list was a worthwhile trade.

Of course, I'd also been disabused of the whole Santa notion by Scooter's age too, so I knew exactly where the gifts were coming from. I'm kind of glad we have a little more time to figure this out for ourselves. Since there will be such a big age difference for our two, I hope it will be easier to make the point to Scooter a couple Lego sets are inherently more fun than a bunch of small baby toys.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

The age difference is complicated, even for us. I know L. has felt "shorted" before at the family celebration we do with my husband's family, because he is the oldest of six other cousins. While they often receive toys, he usually gets books and clothes--this is fine, of course, but it's hard to explain to a child that getting books is the finer gift in the end...!

Omaha Mama's picture Omaha Mama

This is the first year that I've tried to keep their gifts equal in number. It will be the first time that I know the kids will notice that. M was two last year, so it wasn't an issue yet. This year, I'm planning to wrap a couple of things together, two in one, like the Transformers that our little guy is looking forward to. That way, the gifts look like ONE when they count (you are not the only one!) even if there are two things inside. It's a sneaky way to go for equality.
This year there weren't any high dollar items on their wish lists, so it feels like I've gone overboard, but the total dollar amount doesn't add up to as much as the year Santa brought the grand wooden kitchen on Christmas morning.
I've thought of the Wii as a family gift too, but thought we might wait one more year, since our little guy isn't quite into video games at this point. Something to look forward to for next Christmas. Who knows if there will even be sometng else that's the big deal by then!

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

Deciding about the Wii has been hard. L. would love one, and I want it, too, but T. could probably take it or leave it at this point. I know once we get it and we find a game or two that's perfect for her, she'll probably have a great time playing with it.

mouse's picture mouse

We got a Wii a while ago, primarily for Trillian and myself (Wii Fit and some of the sports stuff), but it's turned out to be a great system for kids. The controls are mostly intuitive, especially with the kids' games. Scooter has a Diego game that has no losing or dying, so I think it's great for a new gamer. He's graduated to a couple other games now and will be getting Toy Story Mania this Christmas.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

I read up on that Diego game and I think T. would love it...there are some good Star Wars games out there, and I know we could all have fun with the sports games...