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SingMyself's picture SingMyself

On the topic of summer camps, we signed our girls for two week-long camps, one at our favorite art museum, and another at a camp called Kids for Peace. We liked those because they reinforced our family values (um, peace and the arts) and give the girls a little experience in being without each other (the art camp) and mingling with kids they don't know that well (peace camp). The peace camp also runs each summer for kids of all ages, so we think of as a community-builder too-- a lot of the counselors are former campers, and each week focuses on a different country, so they learn about the world too. I think because we are non-religious, we try to make sure the girls have a sense of our values and a community that supports them (or at least, that's what we are trying to attempt!).

I do agree with you too-- our girls will be getting a lot of Our Family Camp! We are going to make tie-dye shirts and learn how to sew, take some day trips to a Crayola factory and a potato chip factory, see more of Our Nation's Capital, and take advantage of our city and having loosey-goosey family time together.

BTW, so jealous of your screened-in porch!

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

You're lucky that the girls can go together...that would be a big help. You know, with T. things might be entirely different. She's very social and extroverted, and might benefit from camp. But with L. things are different, and yet we feel the pressure from everyone to sign him up for something!

gee's picture gee

family camp idea: one day at each house of family or close friend. then one day with grandparent(s) only - no parents allowed!
a theme each day: "exploring and digging"..."music making", "games inside and out." -- you get the idea.
most of this would be free!

Omaha Mama's picture Omaha Mama

I am trying to enrich my kids' summer too. There are so many local venues to try out, I can't seem to narrow it down! We had our BIG trip to FL. Now it's all stay-cations to the zoo, park, children's museum, local safari drive, state park with a water park, hotel with indoor water park, farmer's market, and air & space museum. So it's my job to keep 'em busy this summer, instead of paying for camps. So far, it's going great! I hope your professor mom camp works out too. I bet your kids will like it better than anything you could've registered them for!

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

I hope they like it, too! We're enjoying being campers as well--it's a win-win situation all around!

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

Thanks for your perspective, jamiebg. I think camps can be fantastic experiences for kids, but I think they can also learn independence from day camps, and in other ways as well (when they're older, trips to see grandparents, etc.). When I was a kid I always wanted to go to camp, so I think there is something about the magic thrill of them that's so appealing!