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mouse's picture mouse

This is one of those things that can so easily slip through the cracks--not that it's an excuse, but more the frustrating reality of teaching. Today I had before-school duty and was watching over an area with a bunch of groups of students. I'd scan here and there and not quite catch things, and these weren't particularly misbehaved students. I literally couldn't hear anything being said.

I don't know the answer. But it is imperative that students feel that the adults around them care. There also has to be a cultural piece in the institution that addresses the problem. We have some of that at our school, but it's not fully engrained yet.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

I think preschools and elementary schools spend so much time talking to kids about not being a tattle-tale, etc. in the lower grades, not crying "wolf", etc. so I really do think that a lot of kids just don't think telling a teacher about whispered insults, etc. is something they should do. I"m not saying that happens ALL of the time, but it happens a lot, I think. You are 100% right that the cultural piece has to be in place; L.'s school is *really* good about fostering a caring environment, which makes me sick to think what would happen at a school where that piece *wasn't* in place!