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Omaha Mama's picture Omaha Mama

It was a good holiday. The kids had a lot of fun. :-) We went to Wizard of Oz at our high school here (where J works) and what a great way to spend Halloween afternoon. Today B remarked, it's November?! And then "that's sad." I asked her why...COLD weather was her reply. Yup, it's all downhill, temperature-wise, from here!

Lilianpw's picture Lilianpw

It sounds like you had a lovely time! I tried the brownies on Friday... just to forget them at my sister-in-law's house last night :-(.

They were REALLY good, I'll try again this coming Friday and let you know how it went. I will try a very small recipe of the vegan pumpkin pie. We are really addicted to the flavor of dairy (particularly the Brazilian beloved condensed milk), BUT if we used coconut creamer (was it the SO Good coconut milk that you used? Let me know, please!) maybe we'd like it.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

It WAS to SO coconut milk creamer. I love the stuff. I'm not big on soy creamer in my coffee, or as a replacement for dairy, but the coconut creamer is delicious.

I'm still planning on the elusive brownie--I just hit a wall with holiday/party preparations and couldn't squeeze the brownies into the plans.

Omaha--we're getting cold weather here, too--but nothing like you are, I"m sure!