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The Chatterbox

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JohnROSS's picture JohnROSS

That even keel is a hard thing to find & keep.

Aaron loves to go outside and play along the side walk, by the street with his several friends from the building caty corner from ours. Every now and then he comes in, or someone comes to get us because he's fallen or something and needs a "break". It's hard, but I know I gotta let him go.

That gender assumption thing dies slow, doesn't it. I have faith that T and my own daughters will overcome, but still another hard thing to watch.

Omaha Mama's picture Omaha Mama

Seconds turn into days in those moments, don't they! I'll never forget my sister's story of losing her young daughter at a baseball game (the local semi-pro team, so at a pretty big stadium). They finally called her over the p.a. and my sister found her girl, happy to have gotten a new team mini bat and cap from the staff who found her, as a reward of sorts for wandering off and scaring her mother to death! Sigh.

My B wants to be an artist/scientist when she grows up. We've been encouraging entomology because she loves bugs. I get what you mean about people and their gender gives me a strange sense of pride that my girl loves science so much. Like maybe I'm doing *something* right after all.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

I feel that pride, too, Omaha--I know exactly what you mean! I'm proud that while T. loves dolls and stuffed animals, she also loves soccer, and climbing trees, and fossils.

John--it is hard to walk that line--to give a little independence, but not more than they can handle; to let go, yet keep them close.