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Chronicles the life of a mom, teacher, and writer trying to stay sane amid the chaos of daily life.



beck's picture beck

I wish I was Little Bear's mom. She's really great AND she can catch fish with her bare paws.

I think much of childhood stories are these perfect, imaginary parents, the kind we really ARE underneath all of the day to day stuff.

mouse's picture mouse

I can think of several times with "Little Bear," both in the books and on the TV show when I've thought to myself, "And this is where I'd be saying, 'Just go to bed already.'" Scooter hasn't called me out on this yet, but I'm waiting.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

I know, we ARE those parents underneath. But kids sometimes have a hard time realizing this!

Yes, I know what you mean mouse. It happens all the time around here in my head, and sometimes in real life, too!