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I was just wondering if you were going to drive straight up there or stop on the way there and/or back. Depending on the route, we're right around half-way to upstate NY and you could seriously sleep over here one night, we have a guest bedroom and mattresses (and we're vegetarian, remember?). Of course you already have your plans in place, but I just thought I'd mention it.

In any case, if we move to VA, THIS is the year we're meeting in person since I think we'll be only about 4 hours from you after we move.

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These are great tips, BTW. We're really used to very frequent trips, though and our boys sleep, watch the road quietly and then watch DVDs when we allow them to. Eating is great entertainment too. Pretty much everything else doesn't work for them, but we're thankful that they're easy that way (or have just been eased into submission from the constant road trips year after year, month after month :-).

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You know, we're planning on just driving straight there in one shot. Maybe we're crazy, but to me the thought of two days of long driving is worse than the thought of just pushing through in one day. But if we get desperate, I'll e-mail you!

Yes--I hope VA works out! We can definitely meet finally!