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We have yet to enter the more-relaxed state of parents to kids who can swim. Our B gets closer with each session, but still has some strength to gain in order to swim in deeper water. She's just so tall, it's hard for her to get all of those limbs going together! We keep a 1:1 ratio around water for now, our kids are just so fearless and love the water. I loved swimming and all things water related until I had kids. I'm enjoying it more as my kids get older and look forward to days when it's not quite so frightening! My husband had a friend drown in high school, it's a good reminder that you have to follow water safety rules at every age. Great post!

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You're so right, Omaha. I firmly believe that water safety is a must no matter what age--but I do think that kids who are 5 or 6 and just learning to be comfortable in the water are probably the most at risk.

We have a friend whose 22 month old is TOTALLY fearless in the water and they never go anywhere unless both of them are right there with her.

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KayTar uses arm bands in the water (we primarily swim in my parent's pool). Last week as I was putting my sunscreen on next to the pool (and watching her) she decided to get into the water before her arm bands were on and I don't think I've ever moved that fast! I got to her before her head ever went under, but oh man. It happens so fast. Now that she understands she doesn't magically stay afloat in the water, she is much more cautious. She is going to take swim lessons in a few weeks and I hope by the end of the summer, she'll be much more competent in the water!

As fun as swimming is, we all have to remember it can be dangerous, too, and stay vigilant. Great reminder.

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Ugh--I know--those kids can move FAST.