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There are also lots of great printable graphic organizers right here on FE!

It's a lesson everyone would do well to learn: no two learning styles are alike. Putting in the effort early to find out how your child learns best will pay dividends all the way through college graduation.

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I've been amazed at how often I have used pedagogical tricks I learned teaching middle schoolers in guiding university students. I had a mind-blowing conversation with a second-year student about how to memorize vocabulary. And now I find myself further adapting these techniques to kindergarteners (since I help out with reading skills when I volunteer).

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It IS mind-blowing, really, to pull out these tricks across the board. And I'm often amazed by how readily college students respond to "tricks" used for elementary students, too!

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I am agree with you that Success at any level in school--elementary school and beyond--is part knowledge of the material and, in large part,...the stuff of your writing really increase success rate.
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Finally he said he had trouble concentrating and was diagnosed with ADD in elementary school. L. difficulties in school until the second year, when he finally took a stop in front of the class where the teacher could see and be less inclined to roam,

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Encourage your college-age kids always sitting in front of the class. This is invaluable for students, but especially for students with attention / focus problems. I once had a student during the semester sitting in the back of the class and then the last two weeks of class, I finally said it needed to focus on problems and was diagnosed with ADD in grade school.

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must have rituals to keep things where you can find. Portable color code: blue language arts, science, red, green, mathematics
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the art of taking notes. When we are so busy texting, or cut and paste, or watching videos and information about movies

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