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I get so upset when I see kids being mean to each other, even in "fun". My own kids know I have no tolerance for this. B's school counselor came to their room last week and talked about bullying. She taught them to stand up straight, look the other person in the eyes, and say, "Stop! I don't like what you're doing!". And to go tell a teacher if they see someone else being bullied. I hope it sticks, I hope they follow through with those expectations.

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I think that's all we can do, Omaha--just keep reinforcing the lessons and hope that other parents are doing their part as well.

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We had to explicitly teach Scooter that when people get hurt, the right thing to do is stop everything else and ask, "Are you OK?" This happened when I tripped over his train set and his first instinct was to get mad I messed up part of it. It really had never occurred to him that I might have been hurt, but once this was pointed out to him, he understood. But he needed someone to shift his perspective before he got it.

I read recently that the most important component in ending bullying is other kids standing up. The victim alone and adult intervention aren't permanent solutions, but other kids taking a stand will have a long-lasting effect.

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This makes a ton of sense to me, mouse. I think quite a few kids just don't respond to adult interventions, but I can see that peers standing up for other peers could have a huge impact.

Once L. gets on a role talking, he can't stand it when anyone interrupts him at all--even if the interruption is because the other person got hurt! It's very hard for him to shift gears mentally and interrupt his stream of thought--I think doing so really causes him some distress.

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I read your blog and thought I would write you. Your efforts are wonderful. I am the author of a new book that is inspired by a kid who went through terrible bullying during elementary and middle school. The book is The Fat Boy Chronicles and it has been made into a movie. The novel is a realistic view of high school life as told through the 9th grade journal of bullied and obese Jimmy Winterpock. I have been speaking to schools all over the South about bullying, childhood obesity, writing and moviemaking. Give the trailer for the movie a look at If you would like to link sites, that would be great. And if you want a copy of the book, I can my publisher send you one. Send an email through the website. Thanks for all you do for kids.

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Thanks for your comment, Mike. Your project looks very interesting and very necessary, I think--especially here in the South.

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Thanks for responding. The book is being used by even more schools and the response from students has been wonderful. It is making a difference. The movie will be finished within a few weeks. Some national folks are moving forward with The Fat Boy Chronicles book and movie. Will keep you in the loop.

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Yes, please do!