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Scooter's school has moved a lot of information online, like the newsletter, so it's nice not to get pages and pages of stuff that we'll read once and then recycle. On the other hand, both kindergarten and now 1st grade seem to be worksheet heavy, so we still end up with piles and frequently can't decide what to do with them.

We've mostly migrated our family calendar online (Google calendars). It allows us to share our calendars with each other, including my in-laws. There are the usual limitations with technology, and I have to keep a paper version for when I'm going places since I don't have a smartphone. We use it more consistently than any other system, however, so we're willing to deal with the limitations.

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My original comment may have been eaten by the spambot, maybe because I mentioned a certain online product by name. My two points briefly:

1) Scooter's school has been making more available online and we really like this. It doesn't stop all the worksheets--and there have been a lot in kindergarten and 1st grade--from piling up.

2) Our family schedule is online. We can share with each other, including the in-laws, which makes it easier to sync up. There are various downsides (I don't have a smartphone and can't access all the time), but it's the system we've used most consistently and with the most success.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

I might have to look into the online schedule business--could work for us, too. I do like having the physical calendar in the kitchen--it helps visually, I think.

Omaha Mama's picture Omaha Mama

Is L back to doing schoolwork? I wondered where his air-DS gaming would take him this fall...

Love all of your tricks. Right now I do have a pile of "stuff" on the computer desk that is school-related. We do have a red folder for all spelling practice items. So it's all in one place each night when we go to work at it! I love the idea of many folders, which I may just have to do. I already have hanging files in the dining room in a little case, I could just add a few more for school stuff.

So now I want to know - how much work do you keep/throw away? I just can't be sure how much to save and/or throw away. Some of the stuff obviously goes in the memory portfolio (self-portraits, etc) but I'm just talking about the vast amounts of paper. We get 4-6 a day coming home. It's great to see what she's doing, but you can't keep everything!

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

I buy a big, flat storage bin every year and I put in the "keepers" as far as art/writing goes. I don't keep everything, but sometimes something will touch me in particular, or it's connected to a period in L.'s or T.'s life at that moment that I know I'll want to remember years later. I also keep samples of writing, because I know personally I love to look back on some of the chicken-scratch stuff I wrote when I was in elementary school!