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simone33's picture simone33

this is a nice site…i have some good news…nbc…has this new cool show called Baby Borrowers and I got a sneak peak of that show and I would recommend all the mom’s have their teens watch that show and I promise that they will not be getting pregnant anytime soon…!!!

mouse's picture mouse

(Second post I've read in as many days with a title riffing on Vergil. Gladdens my Roman epic-loving heart.)

My parents had a strict no-gun policy when we were growing up. I feel very similarly and have generally avoided any toy gun or toy with a gun. But we still have some, due to gifts. The two that spring to mind are Transformers; their guns are not at all realistic, so somehow it didn't bother me as much.

Scooter does have a toy sword. That I picked out and paid for, an internal debate going the whole time. For me, the big difference between guns and swords in toy terms is that I associate swords with more imaginative play. For Scooter, they're all about pirates (though I really want those Playmobil Roman sets!), and that seems quite a bit more removed from reality.

I'm not entirely happy with this stance, but it currently works in our context. Scooter doesn't think consciously about violence at this point (but it's an idea I've tried to introduce, via talking about stomping on ants just for the fun of it).

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

I agree with you about the swords lending themselves to imaginative play--I think you're right. Plus there is so much history connected with those periods of time--knights, Ancient Rome, King Arthur...