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mouse's picture mouse

Scooter starts school in mid-August, which is still earlier than other school districts we've lived in (one of my teacherly quirks, I tend to find out about local school schedules even when I'm not teaching in them). Luckily he had a few months of preschool there, so he has been in the halls and knows some of the specials teachers. His school also does something that is new to me, but appreciated. They will post the class lists about half a week before school starts. On the Thursday or Friday before he starts, we can take him in, meet his teacher, and drop off supplies.

On another note, do you have recommended links for the clip art. We desperately need to do some social stories and visual schedules, but this is the first thing that drops out when we get busy.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

Here are some links/suggestions for you Mouse:

This site has great info on making visual schedules, charts, etc. It's a PDF file:

This site has some free resources, and other resources you can pay for--it's a great site, but I haven't used it as much. Many parents in our AS support group swear by it, though:

And this site has lots of free pictures you can click on, copy, and download onto your own computer:

I rely a lot on MS Word clip art online, though. I can search for almost anything! I also click onto lots of images online and copy them into an MS Word schedule. For instance, if L. watches the PBS show Fetch! every day at 5:30, I'll right click onto an image of Fetch! I've googled and found, copy it into an MS Word schedule, and then resize by clicking and dragging until it fits. I do this with lots of images L. likes--Playmobil, for instance.

Omaha Mama's picture Omaha Mama

Our B is starting kindergarten this year. I think I'm as worried about getting myself into the routine as I am for her! The send home folder, the library books, etc. Since my husband and I both work for high schools in the district, I feel pressure having a "teacher's kid". Silly, I know.
Did you know that L is lucky to have you? So many parentst just drop their kid off and tell the school good luck, then blame them when it all goes to crap. Good for you for giving some effort ahead of time and trying to give him as much support from home as you can. Just make sure you don't put too much pressure on yourself. It will be rough regardless of the preparations, you know that from past years, but hopefully each year will easier and easier!

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

Oh, thanks Omaha are kind. I think I'm always conscious of putting myself in bth L.'s shoes, and in the school's. I want to make sure the lines of communication are open. Plus, having all the supports in place on OUR end helps our sanity!