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MommaT's picture MommaT

I used to love washing the car when I was little. We used to beg our parents to let us wash the cars just so we could play in the water.

Now speaking of flashbacks.... A couple of weeks ago, I took S. to his daycare and the teacher was testing another kid. She'd asked him something and he'd do it or answer if he could. I commented on how smart he was. Then she asked him, "do you know the days of the week?" I froze! I didn't hear what he he said because I was having a flashback from when I was his age and was asked that. I didn't know them--I forgot to study (I was 3 or 4, for goodness sakes!). I heard the kid in front of me saying them and I heard, "Tuesday." I was saved! So when it was my turn, I happily said, "onesday, twosday, threesday, foursday." The teacher scolded me and sent me away. I was crushed.

So later the same day as the flashback above, I went to get something to eat for lunch for the deli. The special of the day was chicken and dumplings. It hurts just writing those words. Bla! Same year as the flashback above, my teacher forced me to eat chicken and dumplings. I woulnd't do it, it was GROSS. So I had to sit in the cafeteria until I ate my chicken and dumplings. I couldn't have any of the pudding or anything else on my plate until I ate it. I sat there for all of lunch and most of recess until finally they took my plate away.

So fast forward about 20 years to my cousin funeral. Some lady came up to me to visit and once she found out my name, she said, "OH! I taught you at G. B. (daycare)!" I froze and contimplated ripping her head off but I couldn't because it was a funeral. Here I am 36 years later from when this *not so nice* lady taught me and I'm scarred by horrbile memories of this place. To this day, I have never eaten chicken and dumplings.

So I try to keep my flashbacks to fun stuff and avoid days of the week questions and chicken and dumplings at all cost. LOL.

Todd Lieman's picture Todd Lieman

Chicken and dumplings? Different part of the country, perhaps!

I think you should be commended for your creativity for pulling "onesday, tuesday, threesday" and so on. Alas, we're oftentimes so focused on "the right" answer, we miss the opportunity to commend our kids for using their brains in the most unique ways. When K-Man doesn't know an answer to something, he comes up with some rather innovative responses. I cherish his ability to reason more than his ability to memorize. (Plus, study at age 3 or 4? That's insane.)