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mommyx2's picture mommyx2

Great post!! I thought it was kind of sweet that C-Dude wanted to give his airplane to K-Man. It certainly was coming from a good place anyway.
Kids sure do put our lives into perspective! This post is proof of it. Life IS too short.

pernlady's picture pernlady

I have always been a student of forgive and learn. But I also look at it another way. I'll forgive but forgetting is harder to do. We have to learn from our mistakes but we can't let people who will walk all over us, do it time after time. I have a friend who is very nice. But she can be a little bit of a user. I try really hard not to judge and when she gets too bad I have to put her in her place. She likes me enough to allow it. We never really fight, I just won't let her use me like she does so many others.

Todd Lieman's picture Todd Lieman

Sometimes, I think we let our friends get away with too much...we let them treat us badly over and over, and in doing so, we sometimes don't honor ourselves OR the friend. And, because there's potentially good stuff in between the bad stuff, we forgive. And don't learn. And SOMETIMES, depending on the reasons I was treated a way, I might have been enabling my friend, or myself. I dunno.

I agree that we can't completely forget. We have to learn from how we're treated and, also, we have to look internally to understand why we react the way we do, or allow what we allow.

I've been thinking so much recently about forgiveness, judgment, living in the now and what I want to teach K-Man. First, though, I need to do a better job with myself.

pernlady's picture pernlady

I agree, we need to look inside ourselves to find out why we let others abuse us.

I find myself reacting to certain situations in a certain way because of a childhood experience.

I let this person abuse our relationship because I have a hard time saying no when someone asks for a favor.

Todd Lieman's picture Todd Lieman

I get that. Completely.