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loveu's picture loveu

this web site is sooo awsome!!!!!!!!!!!

smokey10's picture smokey10

Is an epiphany supposed to only happen one time per epiphanic (George Bush is not the only person allowed to create new words) lesson? I have the same epiphany over and over again and am in awe each time at how surprised and inspired I become. My recurring epiphany is this: Great things happen in life but really terrible things happen, too. There has never been one tragic event in my life that didn't have a silver lining of varying magnitudes that eventually revealed itself. Unfortunately I am never convinced of this concept until it happens. If only I could live my life backwards!

Todd Lieman's picture Todd Lieman

The trick, of course, is hanging on to the lesson once you learn from it and act on it. Learning how to capture our epiphanies to create good, ultimately positive experiences isn't always easy...especially since they are usually surprises from out of nowhere. This makes them seem less "real."

smokey10's picture smokey10

If only the lessons could be learned faster so we don't miss opportunities on the "acting on it" part. Sometimes we miss the boat by not understanding what the lesson is at the time it is presented to us.

Todd Lieman's picture Todd Lieman

This is very true.