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smokey10's picture smokey10

These two stories aren't fair comparisons because the first isn't a competition where sportsmanship comes into play. It's about an item (that happens to be sports related) worth a lot of money and two sides fighting over ownership. I'm not saying it is admirable or setting a good example, but it is not a matter of sportsmanship, rather a matter of greed. If the winners of the softball playoff were paid a large sum of money equal to the jersey, would the same result have happened?

Todd Lieman's picture Todd Lieman

I'm not comparing sportsmanship to sportsmanship. I'm comparing the parenting to parenting. Frankly, the Becks jersey isn't worth a "large sum of money." Yes, it's worth something, but not a lot. There are plenty of them out there and a Galaxy jersey (which is the jersey in question is the least valuable of all)...I'm comparing the kids to the kids. Beyond that - the first is about MORE than sportsmanship...It's about friendship.

bingodeb13's picture bingodeb13

I am appalled at the idea of these parents feeling the need to hire attornys' to resolve this situation. If this would actually go to court the parents should be made to pay for the courts time- the judge, bailiff, court recorder, and any equipment used to hear this,out in left field,act of ignorance.
I applaude your speaking up to the situation and the way people today believe that the only way to resolve a dispute is in court.
The one boy was given the jersey and thats the way it is. The other boy should be happy for his friend to have such a trophy. The sharing of the jersey is a good idea and should have been thought of first between the parents and not I'M GETTING A LAWYER!!!